Difference between Condo and Townhouse

Difference between Condos and Townhouses

What is the difference between Condo and Townhouse?

People often ask about the main differences between a condominium and a townhouse. There are several differences.

1. Land

Townhomes come with Land and Condominiums share a common area collectively owned by the owners of the community.

2. Price

The price of a townhouse is often higher than a price for the condo

Condo or a Condominium

A condo is a housing unit that is part of a structure or a building jointly owned with other memebers of the Association, along with the amenities such as pool, tennis courts, gym and others. As a condo owner you own the interior space but not the building itself. Condos can be located in 2 or 3 story untis or even high rise buildings. You will most often have neighbors on each side and up above or below.

Townhouse or a Townhome

Townhome is a specific type of construction, where you own the building and the land it sits on.  However, it is not a free standing building. Usually it is attached to other units and shares a wall with it. Townhomes usually have neighbors on the side but not above or below.

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